Work it out for yourself
23. February 2012


Theres something about the two great world wars as a setting for FPS that I just love, Modern warefare is ok but IMO I prefer shooters set in that general era. A WWI would be good if they went with all the trenches in fields, no mans land, mustard gass etc. I only remember playing one game that was WWI (even that im not sure about) but I believe Medal of Honour covered it once… I think…Maybe…?

Although there are still problems and what not with battlefield 3 I still believe it to be the most well balanced and prgoressive one of the series. If they increased the level of destruction, balanced some of the submachine guns, and introduced some new game types (I for one think they could take a leaf out of the Killzone book and introduce game types such as assassination and capture the flag would be amazing additions to the game)

It would have to be a Battlefield game aswell, Call of Duty has lost its edge a long time ago and its just a stale series now of repetitive titles. To do a new WWII game justice it would need to be in the Battlefield series with all that it has to offer from map sizes to desruction and all the advances with the sound quality and graphics.

22. February 2012

Why do most “gamer girls” try to throw the fact that they are a female and playing games all´╗┐ over like its a trophy? I mean seriously if you’re a gamer find something else to brag about other than your gender which has no effect on gaming…

LOL reminds me so much of Ren and Stimpy, the animation the crazy rage even the music.

9. February 2012

Still want to buy the console though, not quite the same playing it on a PC, even if i bothered to get the SNES controller to USB adapter.. Feels like I should just go the full whack and get the console aswell.

8. February 2012

Trying to find a live stream of some SNES games on justintv but theyre all speed runs. Lame, I don’t want to see you run through it as fast as you can using shortcuts etc, I wana see someone playing the game enjoying it.

I couldn’t care less how fast you can complete Mario without encountering a single enemy, who wants to watch that lame ass stream?!

He’s my favourite game reviewer and animator on youtube.

The second and only other video I bothered to make for my games channel back in the day.

Back when I started to make a games channel on youtube… I didn’t get very far haha I stopped after 2 videos of montages.

I miss playing Killzone its a great game, I did see they had a copy of KZ3 preowned for 9.99.. bargin! might have to get it